Giles Westley

Artistic Director

Giles Westley is Austraila’s leading large scale lighting projection artist.
With over 21 years experience in creative story telling, lighting, imagery and graphic design, Giles has a unique set of skills that combine the artistic, technical and human side of telling stories that connect to large audiences on the global stage.

Using visual symbolism, metaphor, and sound, Giles specialises in telling stories that cross cultural and language divides, bringing unity of understanding to each of his projects.

As humans, we use story to connect and understand each other and we have done this since the beginning of time. As we strive to maintain our sense of community, it is vital that we continue the traditions of story-telling, preserving the themes that identify us all as essentially human. With technology we can reach vast audiences – let’s make sure we use these opportunities to not just ‘wow’ people but to enrich their understanding of life as well.”

Giles Westley’s work has been shown in India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Qatar, Germany, London, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. This vast body of work has encompassed public funded art projects, corporate events, and sporting events watched by billions of people around the world.