Breakfast on Bondi 2012

Crave Sydney International Food Festival (October 1-31) is one of the major productions on the Fairfax Events calendar. The Food Festival attracts more than 700,000 festival-¬goers events during month of October. Breakfast on Bondi is a highlight event as part of the program, held on Sunday 14 October 2012. AGB Events was contracted to deliver the production and programming of the event.

As the sun rose over the ocean, thousands of guests were treated to a haunting opening piece performed by cello and didgeridoo. The piece titled ‘Remembering Mrs. Macquarie’ was written by Peter Sculthorpe and commissioned by the Sydney Conservatorium. This piece has been performed only two times. Complementing the opening, a smoker walked through the audience in traditional Aboriginal wear. Following this performance a professional orchestra performed two sets, conducted by the legendary George Ellis with highlight songs performed by Opera Australia soprano Lorina Gore.

Bill Granger and Pete Evans entertained the guests with a ‘My Breakfast Rules’ competition and food--stalls were set up serving a wide selection of breakfast treats.

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