Centenary of Canberra

Monday 11 March - Canberra’s Birthday Extravaganza

The big day goes like this:

Midday 4.00 pm

Create giant words on the north side of the lake (Regatta Point and Rond Terrace) and be entertained by new and original interactive events, roving acts and marching bands.

When you’ve had enough of word-making, all the nearby museums and galleries will be open. Shuttle buses will run north-south-north and there’ll be a few watercraft too, especially the zany little ones with musicians on board.

4.00 pm

At Kings Park, take part in the raising of a giant word and an interactive musical moment. A parade sets off to head towards the south side (follow the brass band if you wish) as music stages start up—re-formed Canberra Bands at Regatta Point (so stay there if you wish), folk and roots music on Aspen Island, Indigenous performance on Reconciliation Place and choir/contemporary/ classical on the Symphony Stage in front of Old Parliament House. Choose your favourite and kick back.

4.00 pm also signals the start of the Longest Bubbly Bars in the World, where we aim to sell you (very inexpensively) a sip of Centenary bubbles and a taste of tapas in 20 minute sittings—and from there you’ll be able to see the huge WORDS that have been created and those crazy watercraft which have made their way over to the south side.

There’ll be a special exhibition of local produce and plenty to eat and drink across the sites.

8.00 pm

The music stages will wind down to herald the world premiere of Andrew Schultz’s Symphony Number 3–Century.

8.45 pm

The symphony concludes with a rousing finish and a special, Griffin-inspired, fireworks finale.

9.00 pm

The Bubbly Bars now offer a cash bar and the Regatta Point stage will kick on with our best Canberra indie bands.

Proudly presented by principal partner ActewAGL - watch out for your detailed guide and program as we get closer to 11 March.

‘Canberra … in so many Words’

Canberra is a city where your WORD counts for everything. You have to be as good as your WORD, so we intend to spread the WORD all round the lake to create a landscape of letters. We want some big, new beautiful photographs of Canberra and we want you to help us decorate around the lake to do it.

Local design and public installation company Thylacine is working with the Centenary of Canberra to create giant frames which will form words at various locations around the lake and surrounding area. Words will be mobile, form backdrops for stages, adorn watercraft, be visible in the air and water, and will be built on the day by the community.

Families are especially invited to come and help fill and decorate these shapes to complete the huge words. You can bring along lunch, buy it on site, but either way, give us a hand to build big words and be entertained by all manner of land and water-based music and unexpected amusements.

For example, at Rond Terrace we ask people of diverse cultural backgrounds to come and create words in many languages.

At Kings Park, the word ‘Country’ will be formed from materials that symbolise ‘country’ such as cracked mud, red earth, coastal sands, woven branches, or native grasses.

Event Director Geoff Cobham has worked as a Production Manager, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Event Producer, and Venue Designer on projects ranging from smaller innovative productions to large scale theatre/dance productions. His extensive experience encompasses festivals, exhibitions, museums and even non-traditional venues such as tents and warehouses!

In 2010, he received a Churchill Fellowship to study Outdoor Theatre in Europe, which involved travelling through Europeattending various festivals and events. That experience has influenced the design of the 100th Birthday celebrations, with a focus on delivering personal experiences by encouraging people to be involved.

Taking part in ‘Canberra … in so many Words’ means being involved in an unforgettable event that celebrates 100 years of the nation’s capital. Temporary word projects of a variety of sizes and forms will be constructed, installed and showcased in the lead up to and during the event.

Musical performances bound to appeal to all tastes:

Centenary Symphony

During the day, a dedicated stage in front of Old Parliament House will present classical music and community performances. In the evening this will culminate with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and local choirs presenting the commissioned Centenary Symphony by internationally renowned composer Andrew Shultz.

Andrew has included The Three Architects texts in the choral movements for the work, including words from the two Chicago architects who most inspired Griffin’s design and approach – Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan. It also includes the words of Walter Burley-Griffin, from his inspired original Canberra plan submission.

Andrew has generously provided the score for the second movement of Symphony No. 3 – Century for a Centenary of Canberra as a secondary education resource that will introduce students to the work and promote it as something they can rehearse and perform at a range of events across Canberra in 2013. It will also be recorded and broadcast by ABC Classic FM .

‘Canberra Rocks’

Canberra Rocks will pay tribute to perhaps an unexpected aspect of our nation’s capital: a rich history of original contemporary music. A display of Rock history and memorabilia will show that Canberra is home to far more than politics. The program of entertainment will include reformed Canberra bands such as The Church, The Gadflys, Falling Joys, with special guest appearances and collaborations with ‘old rockers’. Canberra bands will showcase the current local indie music scene, demonstrating the living and thriving present and future. Canberra Rocks will be positioned on a stage at Regatta Point.

The Mad Amazing Music of Graeme Leak

Graeme Leak specialises in making music in funny and highly innovative ways. He is an independent composer, musical director and performer. He is conducts instrument making and playing sessions with communities across the country. In 2003 he built a Musical Fence in outback Queensland that has since become a popular tourist attraction.

Indigenous performances

A selection of Indigenous ceremony, dance and music will be presented at Reconciliation Place. The performance area will respect the significance of the site, with all production equipment and staging to be kept minimal and clear of the performance area. .

Back to the Island – Exploring our Folk Roots

Join us on Aspen Island near the National Carillion from 4.00pm when the National Folk Festival team presents a savvy and sweet mix of folk and roots music. Fresh and vibrant, Battler’s Ballard will present striking arrangemtns of Australian and contremporary music. This is mixced withjn the capella sounds of Irish and Scot Gaelic as triantan bring s to life the oral tradition, telling stories

Marching bands

Canberra has a proud tradition of bands that will be on show near Rond Terrace. The superb Royal Military College band, the Canberra City Band, the Hall Village Band and contemporary versions like the Brass Knuckle Band will be providing ambulatory musical entertainment during the day.

The longest bubbly bars in the world

Stretching out along the lake in both directions from Commonwealth Place, the bars will offer two glasses of Centenary Bubbly, specially created by a combination of local winemakers. These will be accompanied by tapas made of the finest seasonal produce. We aim to feed and water 800 people every 20 minutes, so military precision is essential—as are bookings.

It is anticipated 1602 bottles of Centenary Bubbly will be served at the Bubbly Bar. Approximately 267 ice buckets will be required and approximately 102 staff will facilitate the bar.

The Centenary Sparkling wine was produced from the 2011 vintage to ensure a fresh and lively character desired of a sparkling wine. Selection for the sparkling wine was made of grapes at harvest time – seeking only the best of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes for this special celebratory bubbly.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from a number of Canberra District growers were selected for their quality, specifically to produce a premium sparkling wine for the Centenary of Canberra celebrations. The resulting blend of approximately 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir provides beautiful freshness and fruit character. It provides a full, soft and creamy palate with clean ‘stewed pear’ fruit and yeasty/bready flavours. The wine is clean, long in flavour and length with a fresh finish. This sparkling will be fabulous for celebrations of the Centenary of Canberra.

Gourmet food & wine stalls

Gourmet Food and Wine Stalls will showcase local food and wine producers and provide an area where guests can purchase high quality and gourmet supplies to picnic on during the Event. The stalls will offer patrons a taste of gourmet menus which highlight locally grown food, offering high quality produce. The public may purchase meals, produce or beverages directly from the stall holder.

The stalls are proposed for the North Lawns, east of Reconciliation Place near the National Portrait Gallery and will be operational from 12.00pm to 9.00pm.

Canberra’s 100th birthday celebration begins at midday as we invite everyone, Canberrans and visitors alike, to participate in the creation of an unforgettable day.

Canberra is a city where your WORD counts for everything. You have to be as good as your WORD, so we intend to spread the WORD all around the lake to create a landscape of letters. We want some big, new beautiful photographs of Canberra and we want you to help us decorate around the lake to do it.

At Rond Terrace, we ask people of diverse cultural backgrounds to come and create words in many languages. Bring along lunch or buy it on site, but give us a hand to build big words and be entertained by all manner of land and water-based music and unexpected amusements. This will be a lot of fun and we need you all on board to create a great spectacle. While you build, we’ll entertain you.

Canberra ... in so many words is a Centenary of Canberra project, proudly presented by the ACT Government and ActewAGL.


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